Embassy of the Republic of Malawi Visited HCJDC


Core prompt: Mr. Charles E. Namondwe, the Embassy of the republic of Malawi visited China HC Household Appliances City, which is located in the capital of home appliances-Shunde On September 9th ,2016.核心提示:9月9日马拉维共和国驻华大使查尔斯•纳蒙德维先生专程参观了座落于家电之都的顺德慧聪家电城。

​Janet and Silvia from Overseas Department extended their welcome to Mr. Charles E. Namondwe and his visiting delegation. They spoke highly of HCJDC after visiting the Appliances Museum of China and HC Appliances City.慧聪家电城海外买家部Janet 和Silvia热情接待了大使一行。从参观中国家电博物馆到中国慧聪家电城,大使阁下对于中国家电表以赞叹,对慧聪的运营模式表以高度的赞扬。

​Mr. Charles E. Namondwe and his visiting delegation listened to the introduction of the network operation mode, the distribution of the city and the ways to match orders effectively. Mr Charles E. Namondwe said that China and African countries should make full use of this platform to let appliances which are “Make in China” to go abroad.


​Mr. Charles E. Namondwe and his visiting delegation visited Ingdan Company, they appreciated the performance of smart appliances in HCJDC.大使在慧聪家电城欣赏硬蛋智能家电。智能机器人为一行人表演,其乐融融。

​Mr. Charles E. Namondwe purchased two Samsung CUHD TVs to support HCJDC.